• About Season Farm

    Season Farm is deeply involved in Tainan,
    Efforts will be made to develop a green economic cycle industry with six levels of green energy and a symbiosis of fish and farmers.
    Combining patented technology "Hydrogen and Oxygen Ultramicro Bubble System", "Green Energy Self-Circulation Power Generation System", "Big Health Biotechnology"
    And the "Vertical Planting Three-Dimensional Ark" that resists extreme weather,
    Hundreds of patented invention technologies developed by ourselves with "real" use, "Faith" insists on creating more goals to solve the current crisis, "Benevolence" is carried out based on the starting point of being friendly to all things on the earth.MORE →

Season Farm International Health Co., Ltd.

Season Farm Agricultural High-Tech Co., Ltd.


Season Farm Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


  • Season Farm International Health Co., Ltd. Planning the entertainment content of the park (exploratory activities/food farmers education), renewable energy power generation, contract farms, camper camp operations, vertical three-dimensional large ark planting, tourism and medical planning, fish and vegetable symbiosis operations, natural health restaurants, large health supermarkets Fat card dining car. more →
  • Season Farm Agricultural High-Tech Co., Ltd. Breeding, planting, sales of contracted food processing plants, cold chain logistics market supply services, mushroom bricks, fish and vegetable symbiosis system, two-fluid spray irrigation, environmental control management system. more →
  • Season Farm Ota Workshop The products are mainly composed of air and water, including air purifiers, water purifiers, hand-held sprayers, ultra-micro bubble vegetable washing machines, ultra-micro bubble bathing machines, Yindun antibacterial series of daily necessities, antibacterial masks, etc. more →
  • Season Farm Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Green energy dual-engine power generation system, hybrid container-type power storage system, and smart grid management system. more →
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